Here we will explain to what is scalar function in SQL Server or how to use scalar function in SQL Server or return single value via scalar function or use scalar function with select statement or built-in scalar function like ABS and SUBSTRING in SQL server with Example:


Basically a scalar UDF is a function that accepts zero or more parameter and return a single scalar value as the result.You are probably already familiar with scalar functions in mathematics, and with T-SQL’s built-in scalar function like ABS and SUBSTRINGCreate function statement is used to create a Scalar-valued function.   let’s create scalar function create syntax:

Create a table

create table Student
id bigint identity(1,1) primary key,
Name nvarchar(150),
Mobile nvarchar(100),
address1 nvarchar(500)

Insert data in Student Table

insert into Student values('Rajee','999999999','allahabad')
insert into Student values('ADITYA','888888888','allahabad')


Create a Scalar-valued function

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.GetName (@Id bigint=0)
RETURNS nvarchar(100)
Declare @UserName nvarchar(100);
select @UserName=Name from student where StudentID=@id ;
return @UserName;

As we want to use function in SQL server syntax:

select dbo.GetName(1);


SQL Scalar-valued function




  1. SQL Scalar-valued function Aditya Patel
    7/13/2018 10:22:00 PM

    SQL Server scalar function is a function that operates on scalar values see on

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