In this article we are going to give introduction of LINQ or what is LINQ?.


What is LINQ?

The full form of LINQ is Language Integrated Query . It is a component released within the .NET 3.5 Framework. It is one of the most powerful features of .NET 3.5. It serves the purpose of querying objects. LINQ can be used to query data from different data sources such as Collections, Generics, XML Documents, ADO.NET Datasets, SQL Databases, Web-service etc. and It connects UI and data access layer.

Linq, as it appears in the System.Linq namespace and its a set of extension methods that allow you to query collections directly in code. LINQ is an acronym for "Language Integrated Query". LINQ adds a rich, standardized query syntax in .NET programming languages that allows developers to interact with any type of data.

For example, SQL is a Structured Query Language used to save and retrieve data from a database. In the same way, LINQ is a structured query syntax built in C# and VB.NET used to save and retrieve data from different types of data sources like an Object Collection, SQL server database, XML, web service etc.

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