In this article, you will learn how to import data from Excel file into SQL Server database with example . SQL Server Import and Export Wizard The SQL Server Import and Export Wizard is based in SQL Server Integration Services

copy tables from one database to another in SQL Server: Several times, we need to copy SQL Server table schema and data from one database to another database. In this tip, I show how to do this using wizard in SQL Server.

how to import data in SQL server database from excel ,The SQL Server Import and Export Wizard is based in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). You can use SSIS to build extraction, transformation and load (ETL) packages and to quickly create packages for moving data between Microsoft Excel worksheets and SQL Server databases.

How to use BETWEEN in SQL Server, The BETWEEN operator in SQL Server are used to select values within a given range. It is used in a WHERE clause in SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE statements queries .The BETWEEN operator is inclusive begin and end values are included. The values can be numbers, text, or dates.

what is variables table in sqlserver, or how to use variables table in sql server, Table variables are objects similar to temporary tables and were introduced in SQL Server 2000. A table variable is declared using the table data type. A statement declaring a table variable initializes the variable as an empty table with a specified structure. As a table definition,

The ALTER TABLE statement is used to add, modify or delete columns in an existing table. It is also used to rename a table. You can also use SQL ALTER TABLE command to add and drop various constraints on an existing table.

In SQL Server If you want to copy a SQL table into another table in the same SQL server database, it is possible by using the select statement INTO keyword.

SQL sp_RENAME syntax is used to change the name of a table. Sometimes, we choose non-meaningful name for the table. So it is required to be changed.

In SQL Server DROP TABLE statement is used to delete a table with definition and data from the Database.This is very important to know that once a table is deleted all the information available in the table is lost forever, so we have to be very careful when using this command.

The SQL stored procedure or simply a procedure is a group of SQL statements which performs one or more specific tasks. It is just like procedures in other programming languages.

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