Linq max() function with example. In linq max() function is used to get or select maximum value from the list or collection.

Linq min() function with example in c#. In linq min() function is used to get minimum value from the list or lowest value from the list in c#.

Linq lambda expressions in c# with example. In linq lambda expressions are used to make the linq query syntax short and clear.

Linq query syntax with example. In linq query syntax is bit different than sql query syntax and linq syntax can be written in two ways using query syntax and method syntax

Linq introduction - LINQ (language integrated query) is used to query data from different data sources such as collections, generics, xml documents, datasets, sql databases, web-service etc.

C# static keyword with examples. In c# static is a keyword which is used to make a class or variable as not instantiable.

C# string indexof method with examples. In c# string indexof method is used to get the index of specified character present in the given string.

C# string join method with examples on SQL Tutorials Point. In c# string join method is used to join or concatenate all the elements of array using specified separator.

C# string clone method with examples. In c# string clone method is used to clone and return a copy of string object. how to use use clone method with example on sql tutorials point

C# string copy method with examples. In c# string copy method is used to create a copy of specified string object with value. SQL Tutorials Point