c# string replace method with examples. In c# string replace method is used to replace a particular part of string or certain character in string.

Cr.P.C 40, Duty of officers employed in connection with the affairs of a village to make certain report, from the Code of Criminal Procedure

"C# string split method with examples. In c# string split method is used to split the given string into an array or list based on delimiter.

C# this keyword with examples. In c# this keyword is used to refer the current instance of class and it is used to pass current instance of class to other methods

C# private constructor with examples. In c# private constructor is used in a classes that contain only static members to prevent creating instances of a class.

C# static constructor with examples. In c# static constructor is used to perform a particular action only once irrespective of number of class instances.

C# copy constructor with examples. In c# copy constructor is a parameterized constructor which contains a parameter of same class type.

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In this article we will see how to reset the password through the forgot password page in MVC. Add an Action link on login page if the user forgets his/her password.The link redirects the user to the below page from where the user can get a reset link on the registered email id.

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